How your home can better facilitate your life 01

How your home can better facilitate your life

When we first think of  our home, we may find that it’s something that we see as a benefit to our life. It’s that pretty place where we live in. It’s the safe place that keeps us secure and comfortable. And while all of these things are true, this is a very limited view on what our home really is. Because essentially, our home facilitates our life. It’s this building – this thing – that allows us to live in a certain way. That makes us feel a certain way. And yes, it absolutely has the power to change our lives, our mood, and just about anything else. But in order for that to happen, we need to make sure that we’ve set it up right. And this can be the hard part.

How your home can better facilitate your life 01


Now, to a lot of people, the idea of a home facilitating our life can seem a little out there. Because decor is all about fun and just a little about functionality – right? Well, that would be wrong. Because decor and our home is just so much more than that. If we want to feel a certain way every single day. Or if we want to do something special with our lives, we can. We just need to make sure that our home allows for this to happen. This means that we need a plan, we need to be intentional with how we setup our home, and we need to get to work. But first, let’s take a look at some ideas of how this might work.

  1. Tidiness

To start us off here, we need to make sure that we are tidy. There’s no getting around this one. Because if our home is a mess, we will feel a mess. So, instead, we need to make sure that we are feeling clean and tidy*. That we keep clutter to a minimum and that everything has a place around our home. This is the first step and the most important, it is the basement of everything that comes next.

  1. Cleaning

And then, as a step on from that, we need to make sure that we can keep the place clean* too. For this, we need a schedule. This can be something that we work on if we are happy to clean our home. But if we are too busy, hiring a cleaner can work too. It’s just about finding a way to keep our home clean, without it impacting too severely on our quality of life.

  1. Storage

To help you here, we need to work in storage. It’s a must. Everything should have a place. And if we running out of ‘places’, we need to add more. Smart storage can help us to feel more organized in life.

  1. Living Space

Now, something that’s going to really help us here, is to make sure that we are sectioning off our home into the correct spaces we need. And the first area to work on here is our living space. Because this is where we will relax and unwind. So the area needs to suit our needs. Something open plan with bifold doors* that let the inside and outside flow is often a great idea here. Because we can enjoy eating and relaxing and spending time outside all in one go.

  1. Work Space

So then the next thing is to consider whether or not we need a work space. Because most people will. If we have our own business or a career that we sometimes take home – or we just want that space to do our finances or paperwork from, we need to find a home office design* that we like. Then, we need to find a place for our work space in our home, so that it has its own area without impacting on the rest of our home.

  1. Sleeping Space

The next thing is to focus on where we sleep. Because this is a huge part of our home and our life. We need to ensure that our bedroom allows us to have the best possible night’s sleep. So really consider what we can do to have the right temperature, lighting, and feeling for our bedroom.

  1. Personal Space

And then we might find that there’s a set space that we want or need in order for our lives to be better. Maybe it’s a wardrobe? Or a gym? Or a pantry? If there is some kind of personal space or room that is going to make our lifestyles better, it’s time to work on it.

  1. Flow

Now, something that we need to do here is make sure that we have flow across the entire home. It is okay if we keep changing up the different styles of decor in each room. But we might want to try and get some flow in home design*, so that the entire home feels like it’s a fit for us.

  1. Atmosphere

The next thing that we need to do here, is to make sure that the right kind of atmosphere is set around the home. Because if we want to create a calm and peaceful home*, we have to make sure that it feels that way. It will not just happen. We need to set the tone. The temperate. The scents. The feeling in each room. When we do this, we will find that just being in a certain room – or the house itself – is going to forever make us feel that way.

  1. Our Actions

But then also, we are going to want to make sure that our actions are making the best possible use of our home. If we are just laying around the place or we are not making the most of the space, then we are not letting our home facilitate our life. So we have to actively choose to make the most use of our home. So let’s get all of these things in place, and then let’s make sure that we are using the areas, that we are letting the atmosphere influence us, and take the positives away from our house.

Will you join me in this journey and take the best from our homes?

Have a great week!



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