Our master bathroom 2

Our master bathroom

As you have seen in my posts on Instagram, I almost always show our social area, that is, dining room, kitchen and living room. Today I can finally show you our master bathroom. It still has details that need to be included. For example, before the little fire in the house we had two large paintings on the wall of the hand wash basin. The height of that wall reaches almost 4 meters (13 feet), so it was an ideal place. That is still a pending task.

Our bathroom has all the decorative style that my husband likes, and I can’t still convince him to put tiles on the wall of the hand wash basin. I need to give the bathroom a little more color, no matter what. Haha!

Our master bathroom 2 Our master bathroom 3 Our master bathroom 1

Therefore, what better than giving a yellow color accent that perfectly matches the burgundy color of the furniture. I will not deny you that I have a crazy desire to escape to a Caribbean resort. So a little of that summer that I long for, came to our bathroom with a handwoven peshtemal towel of Turkish Towel Store* (with the code LACASADEFREJA you can have 30% discount). Some good books, even better if it is from one of my favorite authors: Gabriel García Márquez*. And finally, an aromatic candle* and my oil body lotion from The Body Shop.

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Let’s enjoy this weekend, spring is coming soon!

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