Colca Valley colors - Inspiration board

Colca Valley colors – Inspiration board

This inspiration board has a special meaning for me since my grandfather was born in the city of Cabanaconde. It is one of the cities that are part of the tourist route of Valle del Colca in Arequipa (Peru*). I have only visited this route once and I was impressed by the beauty and elegance of the traditional clothing of this region (Collagua and Cabana). Its embroidery, designs and colors inspired today’s inspiration board.

The colors they use go beyond this color palette. You can also find yellow, green, fuchsia, etc. I mean, always vibrant colors to spread joy. As for the embroidered designs you can find hearts, cantuta flowers, sparrow, trout. Flora and fauna of the Colca Valley are reflected in these traditional clothing. And as often happens with the work of the master artisans, the designs are not drawn on the clothes, but they emerge instinctively from their mind while they are embroidering with the sewing machine. Amazing, right?

Colca Valley colors - Inspiration board


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