Decorating your shelf in the right way

Decorating your shelf in the right way

Planning the decor of a shelf sounds easy, but the truth is that it has some science and is not something that you should take lightly if you want to make it look harmonious and special.For me, there are 3 super important factors to make your shelf look perfect: COLORS, SHAPE, AND SIZE.


Thinking about what your color palette will be is very important so that your shelf is the center of attention and does not look like a messy or lifeless element. You probably have some special items that you want to include, whether your travel memories or family photos, you can take them as a starting point to build your color palette.

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Do not put barriers. Combine different types of shapes, it will not look bad, rather the opposite, it will enrich and give a special touch to your shelf. The angular shapes, round and encompassed in different textures and transparencies will help you to give it originality. And the best thing, as I told you before, is that you can combine them all.

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This is one of the most important factors for me because it depends on whether your shelf achieves its objective or not. A shelf should not look messy, or boring. That’s why, if you do not know how to balance the sizes well, it will not matter if the color palette is perfect. Maybe you’ll say, ok Alexandra I understand, but how do I achieve that? For me, there are three basic rules that always work for me: (they should be applied separately, depending on the result you want to achieve)

1. Never put two large objects on the same line:

If you are using a large element, the one on the side should be smaller than that and if you have a second shelf on top, you can put a large one there too, but on the opposite corner the previous shelf. That would help to balance the visual weight.

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2. Put all the weight in the middle:

Here I am not talking about how many pounds or grams the piece weighs, but the visual weight that it has. In these cases, you can place the larger objects in the middle and the smaller ones on the sides.

3. Achieve the symmetrical look:

Another option is to use objects between large and small but in the end, all are at the same height visually. That will give you an ordered and symmetrical look, which is still fun. This image can prove it <3

Here my own design:

Decorating your shelf in the right way


Pucara Bull Ceramic

Love sign

Quartz print

Elephant brass figurine

Succulent plant in glass terrarium

Artificial peony floral arrangement

Cushions and interior


I hope these tips can be useful for you to take your travel memories out of the trunk and expose them on your shelves in a fun way.

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