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A well-traveled home blog

This summer family vacation made me reflect on the direction I want to give the blog. And it is not that I want to make a change but instead give precise categories so that those who arrive at the blog know what it is about. That is also the reason for the text of “A well-traveled home blog”.Besides knowing that in one way or another the blog is an inspiration to you, makes me very happy. Especially if you are a travel lover who ends up bringing souvenirs and handicrafts to decorate and even create beautiful collections at home.

Our house has handicrafts from different countries that my husband Tonny has visited. But as he likes challenges, he did not bring the typical handicrafts of these countries. But rather large and heavy pieces, which sometimes needed an extra payment to bring them home. You can find bronze sculptures from India or Thailand or musical instruments from Africa, as well as a giant alpaca blanket from my beloved Peru. Also, pictures from Russia or Brazil that he gave as a gift to his family.

When we started living together I made my Peruvian contribution with textiles and ceramics from the different regions of my country. And if I could, I bring many more!

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A chiselled gourd or mate burilado from Cochas Grande in Huancayo (upper shelf) Hand-embroidered textile by the Shipibo-Conibo community and Torito de Pucará from Puno (lower shelf)

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Frazadas or blankets from Cusco transformed into cushions.

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Bronze sculptures of the gods Ganashi and Lakshmi. God Ganashi is considered the god of wisdom, of roads and of letters. While Lakshmi is the goddess of good fortune, abundance, love and beauty, of the lotus and fertility, besides being very adored in India.

A well-traveled home blog 04

I am not sure of the origin of this ceramic. Down Peru cookbook.

We have not traveled outside Denmark in the last couple of years. The last time it was in 2017 to Dubai and Stockholm, while I was pregnant with Thiago. Freja was a year and a half-2 years old and taking a city tour without her not getting bored became a difficult task. Just imagine me with 8 months of pregnancy running after Tonny and him after Freja down some streets in Stockholm.

We hope to travel again as much as we like, but this time the 4 together. For now, we already have 2 plane tickets for September. I will tell you more soon.

Big hug,