My Fall favorites 2019

My Fall favorites 2019

Being born in Lima (Peru) didn't allow me to appreciate every season of the year in all its splendor. Now that I live in Denmark, I enjoy and can see the beauty of each one of them. Fall is a special season for all its range of colors that slowly invite you to winter.

Here are my favorites for this season Fall 2019:

My Fall favorites 2019

  1. Art: Wall hanging from Samara Designs

  2. Food: Fall Thanksgiving Decorated Sugar Cookies from SweetBrittleBakingCo

  3. Home decor: Alpaca blanket from Lovely Alpaca

  4. Book: Travel home of Caitlin Flemming & Julie Goebel

  5. Fashion: Dari boots from Nisolo

  6. Wellness: Cozy gift box hygge knit from Gliss Knits

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