Revamping your home in 5 easy steps 01

Revamping your home in 5 easy steps

New year, new home. That will be the main message coming out of many households in 2021, especially after the difficulties of last year. However, if you are eager to transform your property in the coming months, it’s imperative that you equip yourself with the right plan of action.

Whether focusing on one room or the entire home, the following strategy should serve you well.

Revamping your home in 5 easy steps 01

#1. Declutter

Before thinking too much about the additions that you’ll make, it’s best to see what space there is to work with. Getting a mobile storage facility delivered to the property will allow you to store all furniture and decor safely. From here you can see the exact specifications of the room. Aside from leaving a blank canvas for any decorating work, it helps you visualize the area with far greater clarity. It’s an old cliche, but failure to prepare is preparation to fail

#2. Color Schemes

When stepping into a room, the color scheme is the first thing you’ll notice. Even if it’s subconsciously, this factor is true and should not be ignored. Whites and light colours can make a room look a lot bigger than it actually is. While a few coats of paint or new wallpaper are the obvious solutions, it’s not all about the walls. The right choice of flooring material and color scheme can have a significant influence too. In many cases, it’s good to contrast the floor to the choice of furniture.

#3. Making use of the walls

If you’re hoping to utilize the room to its full potential, you should pay extra attention to the walls. Textiles can be used to brighten up the walls and create a characteristic feature. Another key step is to think about shelving, TV wall brackets, and other products that can save floor space. The walls can additionally be decorated with family artwork. Whether it is the lounge, kitchen, hallways, or bedroom doesn’t matter. Walls that tell your story are great.

Revamping your home in 5 easy steps 02

#4. Adding functional features

When revamping the home, this is your chance to put bad habits to bed. Why keep using the guest room for the annual visit from your in-laws? Wouldn’t it be better to make it an office, a home gym, or an art studio. Even if you want it to become a TV and gaming room, the added function will bring a wealth of direct benefits. They will be further supplemented by the influence it has on other rooms. For example, the home cinema will take pressure away from the lounge, allowing you to use it for other activities.

#5. Choose an inspired layout

The design layout of furniture will have a significant influence on any room. It needs to juggle practicality (location of sockets, heaters) and esthetic desire. Furthermore, you should consider the ongoing cleaning duties that will be faced. A poor layout that leaves lots of crevices makes it so much harder to stay on top of the challenge. Conversely, avoiding an overcrowded vibe makes the ongoing care a lot simpler. So, you can spend more time enjoying it.