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DIY photo wall hanging ideas for this summer

When you want to make attractive a dull wall or personalize a whole room, hanging up photos is a great way to accomplish your goal. Everyone has some images they’d like to look at every day, and what could be a better way to do that than creating a photo wall? Putting photos in frames and hanging them might be too mainstream. So, if you’re looking for something a little more exciting, you should check out these DIY photo wall ideas below:

A travel wall

Are you an avid traveler or hope to be one someday? Why not display your passion by having a travel photo wall in your bedroom, living room, or foyer? It will help to show your memories from all those exciting adventures or help you visualize your goal even better.

Get a large printout of a world map and stick the photos of the travel spots you’ve been to or hope to be to. Making one yourself from a wire will give a minimalist, neat, and impressive display.

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Source: Instagram – @misskatyenglish

A hanging effect

To create a customized display, you can make an interesting background with copper wire. Remove the glass of the frame and the back and staple the end of the wire to one side. Use the back of the frame to hide the staples and cross the wire over to the other side.
You can choose to create straight lines inside the frame in this manner or go for a quirky random pattern. Once you have the desired effect, use tiny clothespins or other methods to hang some beach photos on the wire.

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Source: Home talk

Instagram display

Love photography? You have all these breathtaking Instagram photos, so why not put them to good use and decorate your walls? You can mix up the box-shaped images with Polaroids and make a gorgeous display for any wall.
However, simply printing out your artwork would create a somewhat flat effect. Cut some small wooden blocks and use a non-permanent method like Velcro to put up your favorite clicks.

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Source: East Coast creative

An Artistic Effect

If you’re wondering where to buy some artistic oil paintings for your home, why not make your current photos of scenic beauty look that way? Look around for Instapainting that can make this transformation professionally and realistically.

With your beloved photos resembling oil paintings, you’ll have a more tasteful display for your home. You might not have to hang them uniquely; they’ll be works of art.

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Source: Instapainting

Going back to nature

Do you love having natural décor in your home? Complement those fresh flowers and leaves with something as simple as a tree branch. That’s right; pick up a fallen branch, clean it up, and varnish it for a lovely wall display.
You can also paint it whatever color you like to go with the whole theme of your home. Spray-paint it gold for a statement piece!
Once the branch looks the way you want it, please attach it to the wall. You can use mounting tape for this or have a thin string hanging from a nail.

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Clipboards could come in handy for an exciting display with the option to change up your photos after a while. If you want to create something by yourself, use a few thin boards of wood, cut them to the correct size, and glue a large paper clip near the top.
You can then mount the boards on the wall and attach whatever photos you like. You can easily change up the décor of your room in this manner, along with making sure your display stays fresh and exciting.

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Source: Pinterest

The takeaway

The photo wall ideas above are DIY projects, for the most part, so you’d probably find them easy. What’s more, most of these ideas are for people on a budget, so you won’t have to break the bank while bringing them to life. There’s little risk involved, as you can change your display any time you want.
So, don’t wait around; grab your favorite images right now and start on one of these ideas to transform your surroundings!

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