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Halloween light, shadow and color 02

Halloween: light, shadow and color (DIY)

Halloween was the perfect occasion to entertain my kids by painting pumpkins and playing with lights and shadows in this DIY. As they are small, I did not want to draw anything scary but pumpkins with funny faces, a happy ghost, and a castle in the background. The funny thing about this craft is that you build your drawings on levels. That…

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DIY photo wall hanging ideas for this summer 6

DIY photo wall hanging ideas for this summer

If you want to liven up a dull wall or add a personal touch to a room, hanging photos is an excellent way to achieve your goal. Most people have pictures they enjoy looking at, and creating a photo wall is a perfect way to showcase them. However, traditional framing and hanging techniques may seem too ordinary for you. Fortunately, there…

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Easter table decoration with pompoms 10

Easter table decoration with pompoms

Just today Friday I could finish this post that I promised you for today. I like to finish the post several days on advance. Freja was ill yesterday and stayed at home with mom. But now she is much better and went to the kindergarten. Today I bring you this very simple and easy DIY to decorate the table for…

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Christmas hearts to decorate the tree

Christmas hearts to decorate the tree: a Danish tradition

The braided Christmas hearts are a tradition in Denmark to decorate the Christmas tree. They can be made from different materials, from paper to crochet. Until now I don’t pass from the paper, but there are so many varieties each more beautiful than the other. What are the Christmas hearts? They are two cut pieces that when they are interlaced,…

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Making our first Advent calendar

Making our first Advent calendar

The last time we went to the forest, I picked up some branches to make the shape of a tree as an Advent calendar. In addition to that, I needed to buy string, and look for the drill that is in the garage. But a few days later I went to the supermarket and I found the Christmas tree ready!…

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My husband helped to make our Christmas decoration 06

Christmas decoration: a family tradition

After a walk in the forest, we picked up almost everything what we needed to make our Christmas decoration. For the base we used a large branch that fell from a tree, moss, pinecones and branches of our pines. But if you do not have the possibility to get natural materials, you can always get them at any craft store.…

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Jolly Christmas Advent calendars for the countdown 04

Jolly Christmas Advent calendars for the countdown

Christmas is coming! There are only 30 days, 19 hours, 9 minutes, and 30 seconds left for Christmas Eve, and I bring you a very original and fun way to wait for Christmas as a family: I am talking about an Advent calendar. Do you not know what it is? Let me explain that an Advent calendar is a countdown to…

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A floral composition creation process 1

I’m an indecisive person and I’m still thinking about how to make the mural in Freja’s bedroom. All I know is that there will be flowers, plants and maybe butterflies. The color palette is also selected from the inspiration board that I did a few weeks ago. And last week Alexandra wrote here on the blog about floral wallpaper, which…

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How I made Freja´s nursery room mural

​For my little Freja I prepared her nursery room as best I could, and for a moment I thought about using wallpaper for one of the walls. I was looking for something inspired by animals from the Peruvian jungle, but I did not find any exactly what I had in mind. So I decided to do it myself, by putting…

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