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Transform your living room during this quarantine and enjoy it always

These times we live in the world make us reflect on ourselves as human beings, our environment, and our planet. Some countries with more severe restrictions during this quarantine make us aware that our home is always our little oasis. For this reason, I bring you these ideas so that you can transform your living room into a comfortable and inspiring space for today and always.

Natural light

Lighting is a crucial factor in interior design, particularly natural light. The natural lighting provides comfort to our living room during quarantine, which is essential considering that it is the social area where we spend much of our time with family and friends, and sometimes, we even work.

Wide windows. If your house/apartment has these types of windows, then you are lucky. It is very beneficial that a large amount of light enters your room and is an excellent energy saving in addition to highlighting the colors of floors, furniture, and decorative elements.

01 Transform living room quarantine window
Source: The blush home

Small windows. If your windows are small, mirrors and walls in light colors will help a lot. Thus, achieving a larger room.

06 Transform living room quarantine window
Source: Etsy

Natural materials

Wood, wool, cotton, linen, and wicker are desirable materials for a good decoration of a living room. This health crisis and quarantine have also shown us how our planet regenerates and the importance of staying healthy. Be it through an appropriate diet and also with everything that is around us. That is our clothes and also our house. Thus natural materials take a fundamental role in our well-being. Natural materials achieve a beautiful combination with other colors, in addition to bringing warmth to your room. It also allows us to combine textures in our living room, such as cushions, blankets, rugs, curtains, etc.

05 Transform living room quarantine natural materials
Source: Nesting with Grace

Reading corner

It is one of my favorite places in our house. When in our living room, we always have a preferred place to relax for a moment (a sofa or armchair). When having a reading corner, the vital thing is that it is near a window from where it enters enough natural light. I recommend you place a table, corner, low shelf or a bench, where you can have a good cup of tea or coffee. It is also essential to be comfortable in your reading corner so that you can add some cushions or blankets.

07 Transform living room quarantine reading corner
Source: The Lovely Drawer


Add color to your living room. When we talk about colors, they can be applied on a wall and to decorative objects (ornaments, paintings, textiles, etc.). As we already know, bright colors and white help to illuminate the space.


While colors such as red, green, yellow, blue, they attract a lot of attention and can be the protagonist of your space.

09 Transform living room quarantine color 2
Credit: Margaret Wright Source: Apartment Therapy

Flowers and plants

Plants and flowers delight us with their bright colors and make space stand out. Plants can give a color accent to your room.

Small plants. They can be placed on the coffee table accompanied by some books, on shelves next to some pictures, next to the window, or on the same windowsill (we can have privacy if they are tall like orchids).

Medium or large plants. We can place them in any room corner, next to a sofa, or next to a window.

02 Transform living room quarantine plants
Source: Pinterest

Flowers. They are very charming and accompanied by a beautiful vase; there is no doubt that it predominated in our room. We can place them on coffee tables, side tables, and shelves.

08 Transform living room quarantine flowers
Source: Pinterest

EXTRA: If you have small children at home

Quarantine with small children means toys surrounded by the whole house, especially in the room. The problem comes from having to put everything back in its place. One of the ways to save time and make it look tidy is to create a space in your room where you can store the toys they like the most. Decorative baskets next to the sofa, baskets under the coffee table, or in boxes inside a piece of furniture are excellent solutions.

04 Transform living room quarantine baskets children
Surce: Pinterest
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