Floral wallpaper: What to do and what not to do

As you will recall, recently in a previous post I told you about flowers and lines. If you are still not convinced about the use of a variety of patterns as floral wallpaper on interiors, today I´ll bring you some useful tips to choose the right pattern. What to do and what not to do? WHAT TO DO: If you want to give a dramatic and elegant look to your bedroom, bathroom or any room in your home, using a dark floral wallpaper may be the perfect option for you. Dark wallpaper bring a great sense of elegance to any interior, whether is big or small. WHAT NOT TO DO: Using wallpaper on the ceiling undoubtedly brings even more personality to an interior but remember NOT to use them if you have a low ceiling or it will cause a feeling of confinement and saturation in the room. Get the global style WHAT TO DO: To give warmth and luminosity, the wallpapers that combine flowers of tropical colors between green, amber and orange, are ideal. Maybe you think that if you have a small room these huge patterns are not for you. But you will be surprised to see the amplitude that can give to that interior, that before seemed tiny to you. Thanks to a floral wallpaper of big patterns, it will not look that way anymore. WHAT NOT TO DO: Although huge patterns can be used in large or small interiors, in the case of tiny patterns it is not the same. More than a NOT to do, this would be a suggestion: if you have a small room, dare you to use large patterns. In a small room, small patterns do not stand out and do not achieve their purpose: to provide personality and presence. Get the global style WHAT TO DO: If you are looking to give to your room a sweet vintage look, white wallpaper with pastel floral patterns in pink or light blue are a good choice. And they look great in a bathroom, as well as in children rooms. To give a fun look to a children’s bedroom, the tapestries with varied colors such as pink, green, blue and yellow, are perfect! WHAT NOT TO DO: Here, again, this would be a direct suggestion for children’s spaces. As mothers say, children grow in the blink of an eye! So, to be able to change the deco and accessories without having to change your wallpaper very often, you can choose one with patterns that combine up to three colors. This way your deco will be more flexible when it comes to make changes. These many rooms with floral wallpaper and incredible results, make me want to paper one of my walls. Don’t you? Designing your walls at home     Join La Casa de Freja Name Email Address Leave this field empty if you’re human: