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Kené Art Across Rooms: Bringing Peruvian Rhythms to your walls

Hola, decor enthusiasts! Today, we’re embarking on a colorful journey that fuses the vibrant rhythms of Latin America. Our destination? The captivating world of Kené art from Peru, and how it can breathe life into your living spaces. Let’s explore how to infuse your rooms with the magic energy of Kené art! Originating from the Shipibo-Conibo people of the Peruvian…

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10 textile art ideas to display on that wall of your house 04 Mexico

10 textile art ideas to display on that wall of your house

If you are a passionate collector, you have at least one wall of your house with pieces of art or crafts brought from one or more parts of the world. Because we love global design in the blog, I get you today’s textile art ideas from different countries. Today it is widespread to create a gallery wall at home. What do you…

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Simple steps to decorate with mirrors 01

Simple steps to decorate with mirrors

Decorating with mirrors adds life to any space, and a lot of personality. If you have a wall that you would like to give life to, this post is for you.ColorsThe colors of the mirrors will depend a lot of the wall and the accessories that accompany the decoration. Having a white wall widens many options of mirror frames, while…

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Tips to bring the outdoors inside home

A week ago, I told you about fall season and how you could bring it into your home, and how to achieve it by: transmitting sensations … “What is essential is invisible to the eyes” Do you remember?Nature is a great source of textures, patterns, beauty and sensations. If you tell me you wouldn´t like to bring the outdoors inside your home, I dare you’re…

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Floral wallpaper: What to do and what not to do

As you will recall, recently, in a previous post, I told you about flowers and lines. If you are still not convinced about using a variety of patterns as floral wallpaper in interiors, today, I´ll bring you some valuable tips for choosing the correct pattern. What to do and what not to do?   WHAT TO DO: Using dark floral…

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Girl bedroom moodboard – boho decor

Since we are soon to buy the new bed for Freja, it is time to redecorate her bedroom and move some furniture to what Thiago’s bedroom will be. As Freja grows, her interests change too. For example, before she used her little table a lot, while now prefers to use the dining table to draw or paint. Instead, her tipi…

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7 ways make best of ethnic rugs 1

7 Simple ways to make the best of your ethnic rugs

In a previous post we saw different types of ethnic rugs, each with its own characteristics that make them beautiful and unique. If you choose to buy one or more, here are some tips on where and how to put them at home to get the most out of your room and your rugs.1.- They can be placed on the…

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How wall art enhances this Swedish apartment

Just beautiful this apartment for sale in Sweden, and many things to rescue in terms of decoration. I think the most important one is the way in which the wall art enhances not only the wall in which it is placed, but the whole rooms where it is located; could be a living room, an entryway or bedrooms. They can…

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interiors decorated colorful patterns 7

Amazing interiors decorated with colorful patterns

Do you like to innovate in the decoration of your house? Have you tried using patterns? There are many possibilities to use them in your decoration. Using them on the cushions of your living room is a first step, and even more if you dare to use colorful patterns and beyond the geometric shapes. As in this apartment, it has…

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designing your walls 15

Designing your walls at home

When we think about how to design the walls of a room in our home, our options are almost always painting, wall paper, ceramics, glass tiles, etc. Nowadays there are different finishes to choose for your wall. Some are very expensive, and others very fast and simple to get a personalized atmosphere.1.- Let´s imagine these 3 rooms have white walls…

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