Easter table decoration with pompoms

Just today Friday I could finish this post that I promised you for today. I like to finish the post several days on advance. Freja was ill yesterday and stayed at home with mom. But now she is much better and went to the kindergarten. Today I bring you this very simple and easy DIY to decorate the table for Easter. Pompoms, Easter rabbits and eggs are the main elements for this decoration. Here I give you the complete list: A small vase A fallen branch of some tree Clay or some other element that allows you to keep the branch standing Wool of the colors that you like the most (I used yellow, pink, fuchsia and green water) Cloth napkins Eggs to decorate (I bought a box that came with 6 eggs and details in black, the only thing I did was adding color with acrylic paint) Easter ornaments (I buy two rabbits and an Easter egg in the thrift store) Scissors Jute or thick thread Making the pompoms vase Let´s go with the steps that, as I say, are very simple. What it takes a little time is to make the pom-poms and give them their round shape. In this post I explain how to do them step by step. When I had the pompoms ready, I used the jute or thick thread to tie it in the center and make a knot to hang them from the branch. Then I placed the branch firmly attached to a base that is hidden inside the vase. And we are ready to hang the pompoms! Decorating the dishes To decorate the dishes, I used the Easter eggs already painted, using a napkin in the shape of rabbit ears. To assemble the napkin, I folded it into a triangle and then rolled it completely and put the egg in the middle. I wrapped the egg with the napkin, taking care that the entire fabric was visible on the side of the ears. I tied it again with the jute I had, but here you can add some detail of your preference like small flowers, a ribbon. I hope you liked it, share it and obviously do it at home 😃 Happy Easter! Fiorella Join La Casa de Freja Name Email Address Leave this field empty if you’re human: