How Peru colors inspire me

It is 7 years living far from my country Peru, I miss almost everything starting with my family, friends and the delicious food, the great view and smell of the Pacific Ocean, my papaya juice at breakfast, Sunday breakfasts, etc, etc.

Among the things I do not miss: the traffic of Lima, the gray sky of Lima except in summer, political corruption.
Denmark has become my second home, and I can keep saying that my heart is white-red because both flags have those colors. Even so, Peru has a special place in my heart. Its culture, traditions, colors and flavors always inspire me.
peru inspiration 1
Source: Isuwannee
peru inspiration 2
Source: Mystic lands
peru inspiration 3
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peru inspiration 4
Source: Tom Robinson Photography
peru inspiration 5
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peru inspiration 6
Source: Tejiendo Perú
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peru inspiration 9
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peru inspiration 10
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