​ Here come new colorful interiors for inspiration

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Pastel colors on walls, floors, furniture, and colorful decorative details are what we can find at Charlotte Gueniau’s house, the creative director of the decorative firm Rice.
The colorful decoration of this house located in Odense is far from the Scandinavian style we know. Rather explores the eclectic style of the owner of the house and ends up being a perfect example of how to combine and play with the products of her brand Rice together with what we can buy in a flea market or second hand.

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As Charlotte indicates, that being passionate about fusing colors and experimenting with them is a way of knowing which is our ideal color palette. And she recommends taking the decoration of our house in a funny way, starting with a small area and deciding to change the color of a single wall.

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I think I would use this same color palette if I had the option to choose it by myself. But I think that is partly because I live here in Denmark, I need colors especially during the fall season.

Do you like this decoration style and color palette?

Source: Bolig Magasinet

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