​ Why do we like the Panton chair so much?

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Image by Bret Gum via: Jungalow

Who has not seen the Panton chair in decor magazines, stores or restaurants? Or you may even have one in your house. In addition to the classic chair, there are the kids version and the miniature, so that everyone can enjoy this comfortable chair created in one piece. The Panton chair is undoubtedly an icon of modern design, and due to its particular shape and characteristics, it has received several awards at the end of the 60s.

 If you have not heard much about its designer, Verner Panton, I tell you that he was an architect and industrial designer born in Denmark (1926-1998) who even worked for a few years in Arne Jacobsen’s studio, another renowned Danish architect and industrial designer.
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Image by Marisa Vitale via Apartment Therapy

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Source: Mc Grath II

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Source: Mrs Boho

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Source: Flickriver

Perhaps his Panton chair is the most recognized, but he has a range of designs ranging from furniture to lamps, as well as the design of interior spaces. He also collaborated with Vitra to design his Panton Chair. While I lived in Lima I worked at a company that imported furniture from Vitra, where I learned to differentiate a copy from the original piece of furniture. The quality, the finish and above all the robustness and stability of a piece of furniture can not be compared.
And it is exactly the use of intense colors and the geometric shapes of his furniture that is what I like most about this Danish designer. But as my personal taste goes more towards the bohemian style, I looked for inspiration to see how well it can look and end up being the center of attention in an interior decorated with a more boho style. The truth is that I am satisfied because each of these spaces not only praise its design but all the decoration.
Did you know this Danish designer?

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