Inspiration moodboard: Denmark

When I think of Denmark, Scandinavian design comes to my mind, its architecture, its white sand beaches and blue sea, its Nordic light so different from the light of Peru, where we are so close to the Equator line. Its long shadows in winter, its longs sunrises and twilights in beautiful red, pink and orange colors. Its summers of white nights, where it does not darken completely. Its springs with birds singing in your window, and that characteristic smell of Jutland (those who live here understand it very well)Living in Denmark has brought me closer to nature in all its forms and colors. Although I come from a country rich in fauna and flora and beautiful landscapes, I lived in Lima full of concrete and traffic, but also with its cute little things, like the sea … I miss so much the smell of the Pacific Ocean, and the sound of its waves. Instead, here in Denmark, I go for a walk in my neighborhood and I can see cows, sheep, a small forest near the house and some wild animals if I’m lucky. And I like that a lot too.

denmark moodboard

  1. Bagsværd Church of Jørn Utzon – Source: Pinterest

2. Chair Y of Hans J. Wagner for Carl Hansen & son – Source: Pinterest

3. The Wave in Vejle – Source: Architizer

4. Mollestein in Aarhus – Source: Bridges and Balloons

5. Danish west coast – Source: @rabulaurvig

6. PH lamp of Poul Henningsen – Source: Jylland Posten