Decorating with plants and flowers to transform your house

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Have you ever gone to a plant shop and you fell in love with a plant, but you have doubts where to place it at home? As with clothes, you must take advantage of their beauty and choose the right place to help you highlight your home. So here are some tips for when you are decorating with plants and flowers.

First of all: A plant is a living being, so it needs special care. Remember to check the instruction label that accompanies the new member of your house. That way you will know what type of plant or flower it is and where it is best to locate it, depending on whether it is a shade plant, semi-shade or if it needs sunlight. In addition to watering and fertilization.

1.- Whenever the plants have flowers, they work as a color accent in the room. That means that it will stand out more than all the colors in the room, if the furniture, walls and floors are of a neutral color. You can also take advantage of other decorative elements of a certain color to choose flowers of the same color or hue, so your plant will give harmony to the room.

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Source: Spooky home
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Sourcee: that nordic feeling

2.-You can have small pots with plants of the same color and size and arrange them on the dining table in a row with some candles on the sides. So, when the family and / or guests sit at the table will not interrupt any of the plants as they are small.

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Source: Gårdejerindens univers
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Source: Jordbærpiken

3.- When you want to buy large plants, you can put it next to a wall, but not far from the window to get enough natural light. Always remember to keep a balance between the room size, your furniture and your large plant, as in the images.

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Source: Pinterest
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Source: Trine´s Wardrobe

4.- They are also perfect if you place them in your entryway or on the dining table when you are not using it.

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Source: My world apart
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Source: Sugar and charm
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Source: ALT

5.- At the coffee tables you can also put plants, and you can even play with the size of the pots or shapes, but in the same color or hue between them, or in any case according to the accents of color that are in your room.

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Source: Pinterest
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Source: Rikke Graff Juel

6.- You can also choose the plants that you use most to cook and put them in pots, cans or glass bottles, to give a more rustic style. In this way you will have at hand the ingredients to cook and they will look great in your kitchen. For example, mint, dill, basil, cilantro, fennel, rosemary, oregano, etc.

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Source: Pinterest
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Source: My domaine

7.- Nowadays there are people who do not have time for their plants for different reasons and forget to water them, change the soil, the pot, etc. So, they choose artificial plants or just buy floral decorations that last a couple of days. Personally, I recommend choosing natural plants because they give life to the environment.

In the last case if you choose artificial plants, they will also transform your room either by the colors, by the size or where you place them.

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Source: Lola Love
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Source: White house, black shutters


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