Wishbone and Papa bear chairs in scandinavian bohemian interiors

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The CH24 chair or also known as the Wishbone chair is a classic of Scandinavian design. It is the result of the first collaboration between Danish furniture designer Hans Jørgensen Wegner (1914-2007) and the manufacturer Carl Hansen, who produced it since 1950. The CH24 chair is part of a series of chairs inspired by the thrones of the Chinese emperors and called Wishbone by the curved Y of the backrest.

This recognized chair can be found not only in homes around the world, but also in hotels and restaurants.

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hans werner wishbone chairs 1
Source: The fox and she
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Source: Nordic Design
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Source: House Beautiful
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Source: My domaine

The PP19 or Papa Bear chair has a playful and organic design that seems to refer to the animal kingdom. Called Papa Bear after a critic referred to the armrests as big bear's paws, which hug you from behind. It began to be produced in 1953 and is the first Hans J. Wegner design that was produced in PP Møbler. The materials that constitute it are: cotton fiber, palm fiber, linen fiber and horsehair.

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hans werner papa bear chairs 1
Source: Urbnite
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Source: Exterior con vistas


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