My illustrations: Peruvian animals inspo again

A few months ago, thinking about how to decorate Thiago’s bedroom, I started looking for cute animals illustrations inspired by the Peruvian fauna. I think I am obsessed with them or check at the mural I painted in Freja’s bedroom. I searched through social networks and several well-known crafts pages, but I did not find what I was looking for. So, I decided to draw them myself. A kind of caricature, which will show the tender side of these beautiful most representative animals of Peru.I still do not paint them or rather I was not convinced as how they looked with color. I did a test in Photoshop using the watercolor technique. This time I will, but by hand. Or maybe with markers is better?

I am very excited to decorate the bedrooms of my children with my illustratios. I am more than sure that they will love them.

peruvian-animals-ilustrations-1 peruvian-animals-ilustrations-2 peruvian-animals-ilustrations-3

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