dining room dressed in olive green 02

A dining room dressed in olive green 

As you have seen, this beautiful dining room is slightly sober, it has a touch of elegance and a touch of fun. Above all, it uses a protagonist which is not usually invited to dress the walls of our houses. Am I not right?

Probably many of us haven´t dared to do something like this; probably we have not invited this green olive to color the walls of our dining room and not to mention our bedroom. "There is no way" 

This beautiful dining room in Villanova, designed by Stephanie Kraus, shows us that green olive can become a good host in any room of our homes. Did you notice that the color didn´t reduce luminosity on the room? This is thanks to the beautiful white wood baseboards that cover half of all the walls. And also, white and light-colored decorative complements. The combination of some metallic golden accessories such as the luminaire, the mirror and the handles of the furniture, provides a great sense of elegance. In addition to giving a fun touch with the fuchsia tonalities in the paintings and leopard animal print in the decorative lamps.

Without a doubt, this full fuchsia painting enhances the entire room and combines perfectly with the olive green. 

So now, would you dare to invite olive green to your home? 

dining room dressed in olive green 01 dining room dressed in olive green 02 dining room dressed in olive green 03

Images courtesy of Stephanie Kraus Designs