Textures palette from Denmark

The good thing about Denmark being a small country is that it allows you to visit it very easily. Although with 7 years living here, there are still places that I need to visit, which belong to Denmark, but are outside its territory as Bornholm or the Faroe Islands.

Although I come from a country with a lot of natural wealth, I have lived in Lima, which is not exactly the example of a green city. Therefore, living in a small Danish city has made me connect with nature, appreciate those details that happen to us when we live in such a big city. In addition, I learned to value their design and art a lot, as the Danes themselves do.

This moodboard inspired by its textures, it´s difficult to reflect on a screen, you need to feel them with your hands. Close your eyes and try to feel each of them with your hands.


1. A street in Copenhagen

2. The Round One (pp501/pp503) of Hans J. Wegner

3. Danish countryside

4. Swan

5. Viking ship

6. Smørrebrød

7. North Sea

8. Stine Leth - textile designer