Josef Frank, the genius of the colorful patterns

If you're a lover of colorful and original prints, you've probably come across the designs of Josef Frank more than once.

Josef Frank was an Austrian architect, who arrived in Sweden in 1933 when he was 50 years old. And it is here that he became an icon of Swedish design for his furniture and prints. Designs that he created hand in hand with Estrid Ericson, founder of the design company Svenskt Tenn.

His thought and architectural vision were of a free and artistic style characterized by the use of colors, shapes and patterns. It was far from the simplicity of artistic movements between wars.

” It doesn't matter if you mix old and new, or different styles, colors and patterns.

The things you like will always blend, by themselves, into a peaceful whole.” – Josef Frank

These are just some of his prints. In Svenskt Tenn you can find many more, besides his furniture designs. ​

svenskt_tenn_textil_brazil svenskt_tenn_textil_butterfly svenskt_tenn_textil_guldfisk svenskt_tenn_textil_nippon svenskt_tenn_textil_notturno svenskt_tenn_textil_primavera svenskt_tenn_textil_tre_oar_i_svarta_havet svenskt_tenn_textil_tulpaner_vit svenskt_tenn_textil_under_ekvatorn svenskt_tenn_textil_under_ekvatorn_vit

Image cortesy: Svenskt Tenn