A floral composition creation process 2

And my floral composition is taking shape step by step, here you can see which flowers and leaves I selected, and how I was creating a composition that I will then use for the mural of Freja's bedroom. One of the walls of her bedroom is in its highest point 4.50 meters (14.8 feet) , i.e. a huge white wall ready as a canvas.

Here I leave you some steps, so you can create yours, could it be in Photoshop or drawn by hand:

  • After playing with the flowers and leaves and trying to create a harmony and rhythm between them (which you can see in the previous post), I put my ideas in pencil and it remained this way. If you are good at drawing from scratch, you can start by sketching ideas.


  • With the chosen drawing of how the composition would look, I scanned it to have it as a base for my Photoshop file. And with the photos of the flowers and leaves, I proceeded to remove the background. I did not worry about colors and sizes, because that's what I used this program for. floral-mural-2---lacasadefreja
  • With all these elements in the Photoshop file, the fun began. Rotating, climbing and distorting the elements, the design was getting as I expected in the drawing. Now I just needed to complete with the chosen colors.


  • The colors I chose were previously selected from the palette that I will use in Freja's bedroom. And it ended this way.


Do you think we try and create a pattern of this composition? We leave it for the next post 😀