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How we decorate our TV wall

Note: As you know, I am not an interior designer, but rather an architect. Then the decoration of our house is a combination of suggestions from my sister who is an interior designer and our personal tastes, mine and my husband's. (Our interior designer here on the blog is Alexandra, who brings us great decor ideas)

The TV in our house has a special place especially at night, when Freja and Thiago go to bed, and dad and mom finally have TV available to watch the news, but especially our favorite movies. Previously we had also connected a webcam to talk with our family in Peru on Skype. It's amazing how technology, in one way or another, unites us with the family that is far away, and we can have them close by this digital medium.

You can now imagine that the TV should be placed in our living room, and the decoration around it, is getting ready step by step. Some shelves on the right and two paintings on the left serve as a frame for the TV. We couldn’t repeat one of these designs on both sides, because the kitchen closet is close to this area, which breaks with the symmetry of this wall that reaches more than 4 meters (13 feet) height. However, I feel that I need to add something more on the TV, perhaps a shelf, a collection of art pieces, or perhaps at the end we replace the TV for a bigger one 😀

The furniture of the TV is also an important element in the decoration of our living room. You would be surprised to see what it is inside: Freja and Thiago´s toys! With small children at home, even a small area of ​​the living room ends up being their playground. Some of us have it in boxes, but for us it was more practical to have some of their toys inside and most of them in their bedrooms where they can play more comfortably. The Lego bricks, for example, are in Freja's bedroom, because to be honest stepping on them is a nightmare. Has it not happened to you?

Here some photos of a part of our house. And as always: Welcome to La casa de Freja (and Thiago)

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