Tips to achieve the dreamed terrace  01

Tips to achieve the dream terrace 

Marcia Lenz is a Brazilian landscape designer who we met during our visit to Casacor Peru 2018. She was in charge of designing a beautiful interior garden in the Mario Bianco house. This interior garden is immersed in a range of sculptures, flowerpots, stones, plants of all kinds and especially has a very special and cozy little corner that gives life to the whole set of elements. This little special corner - I call it that way because it seems like a very cozy and warm place in the garden - is accompanied by wooden chairs and decorative elements such as colorful birds and pieces of art. In this post I will share some tips to have a terrace or interior garden as beautiful as this one.Tips to achieve the dreamed terrace  01 

 "Hide" what does not add value

 It usually happens that we have spaces for our terrace or garden in which there are elements (doors, windows, railings) that we would prefer that they were not there or could not be seen. But they are part of the construction. Marcia tells us how the kitchen's windows in the house (which also overlooked the interior garden) were a challenge for her design. 

"I did not want the kitchen windows to be the protagonists of the garden, so I chose to create a focal point by putting shelves with many pots of different plants." 

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If you have a window or door that you would like to go unnoticed, you can choose to use hanging pots or leaning on shelves that mimic the shapes of that element you want to hide. Despite not really hiding it, it stops attracting attention to it and goes unnoticed. In this design, the landscape designer Marcia Lenz, used a range of different plants, among them the famous and beautiful succulents. All of them in pots of the same color to maintain harmony and only varying in size to make them look more playful.

 Mix of materials

To complement the plants and add more colors to the green palette of the plants (apart from the flowers), you can use pine bark mulch and dolomite stones. These are practically two sober colors that mimic any color.


Pine bark mulch. Via


Dolomite stones. Via

Many times, we cannot put many plants or fill our garden with grass. Besides a medium-high budget for maintenance, the grass needs a lot of care and nutrition to stay beautiful. But we also do not want to leave those empty areas that normally do not look very nice. Then use the pine bark mulch and / or dolomite stones, they are a solution that not only will reduce the budget in maintenance but will bring another sense of style and will add textures and even sensations to the design of the garden. 

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 Art pieces

"Why use artwork or pieces of art? I like it a lot and I think it gives a very special look to any garden, of any style, to put a sculpture in the garden or some artistic piece" Marcia told us about the most special and original characteristics of her design. 

Marcia included some large sculptures among the plants and other smaller and more colorful pieces of art in the rest area of the terrace. 

Undoubtedly those small figures of birds and that painting over the table, bring a lot of personality and warmth to that small and cozy garden space. I think that if you want to have a focal point in your garden or terrace you can place an artistic piece and choose the colors of the sculpture according to the feeling you want to give. You can give it from a romantic look to a tropical one!

To give it a romantic look you can choose pastel colors like pink, light blue, white and complement it with the greenery of the plants.

To give it a fresher and tropical look you can use a palette of sun colors (oranges, yellows), sky colors (blue and light blue) and plants (green). 

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