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Let’s celebrate your boho style party

Tell me one thing, who doesn’t like celebrations? I like them very much, and I am even more excited by the fact that they are thematic or have a special style. I don’t know if I already mentioned it to you, but I'm a fan of the boho style (also combining it with other styles) and I love creating accents of color, in fuchsia.

Candles, plants, looms, textures, wood and natural materials ... can you imagine how lively a party like that would look? My birthday is not close, and I really do not want to have a party on my birthday (basically because I wouldn’t know how to decorate it, and I'm also a bit lazy to be a hostess :D) But I came across the IG account of The Planning Co, who organizes weddings and parties in general. I saw their boho celebrations, and I instantly fell in love!

If like me, you do not dare to have a party for not knowing how to make it looks luxurious, follow these tips and I'm sure it will go great 😀


Choosing the place where the celebration will take place is very important since you decide to give your party a boho look. Doing it in a garden, on the beach or on a terrace is ideal.

Maybe not all the space is outdoors, it can be a roofed part (like a terrace) and the other part outdoors. This will give you and your guests a sense of freedom and of being in a distant and fresh place. Something like taking holidays.celebrate your boho style party 01 celebrate your boho style party 02

Areas and signage

Separate leisure spaces by sectors and sign them with decorated and personalized posters, gives a touch of originality and generates more order when guests are at the party.

The posters can be made from chalk boards, even framed boards with acrylic wood in the middle. There are also completely in wood for a more natural and rustic look.celebrate your boho style party 03 celebrate your boho style party 04 celebrate your boho style party 05


Candles, flowers and plants are A MUST!

I recommend using candle holders or you can also place the candles alone.

Remember that accessories are to give an accent of color to your decoration.

Bohemian style is characterized by using a wide range of colors and rely a lot on nature. Use colored pots, succulents and cacti and DO NOT hesitate to choose flowers of different colors. You can place them in baskets at the tables or also hanging.celebrate your boho style party 06 celebrate your boho style party 07 celebrate your boho style party 08


If you are going to serve some dishes to eat, you can put together a dining table in the garden with cushions around, textured blankets and sheets with colorful patterns.celebrate your boho style party 09 celebrate your boho style party 10

This is not a style in which you have to be afraid of color! So, feel free to unleash your imagination.

Images cortesy of The Planning Co