fabulous red in apartment 01

Sexy red sofa in a Scandinavian apartment

A red sofa is undoubtedly a focal point in a living room, if we add that the apartment is small, some people might be afraid that it would be overdone. This apartment shows you the opposite and give us some ideas on how to decorate your living room with furniture of this color.

Red is a color that is associated with strength and passion, so we need to balance the decoration and the color palette of the space in which it is located.

  • Using solid colors, as in this case with white walls and the bookcase in the same color.
  • Choosing textures and patterns of blankets or cushions that will go on the sofa, in addition to the Persian rug that combines perfect in color.
  • The use of wood as a natural element also reinforces the neutral element to balance the decoration.
  • Remember to choose decorative elements that have the same color, such as the painting that has the red in its color palette.
  • Another element that stands out in this decoration is the bookcase that goes from floor to ceiling which is a wall divider from the rest of the apartment. It is a statement element as the sofa and painting, achieving a balance throughout the space using colors and textures.

fabulous red in apartment 01 fabulous red in apartment 02 fabulous red in apartment 03 fabulous red in apartment 04 fabulous red in apartment 05 fabulous red in apartment 06 fabulous red in apartment 07 fabulous red in apartment 08Does this decoration captivate you?

Images credit: Historiska Hem