How to achieve a Scandinavian Christmas

How to achieve a Scandinavian Christmas (and not die trying)

As we all know, Christmas is a time when the colors green, red, gold and silver are always the colors to use to decorate the house. But sometimes it fills with a lot of colors and repetitive that we get bored of using that classic style.

A very fresh and original style is the Scandinavian style. And something that I love very much about this style are the accessories in wood and the details stitched and woven. Another very nice feature that brings a lot of personality, is the use of white and gold as base colors and complement with natural accessories. You can also use green as accent color and red only in some accessories of part of the decoration.

You can use unusual accessories for your tree such as glass spheres, dolls sewn or made in natural wood! Here using candles will give a lot of warmth and cozy feeling to your living room. After all that is the purpose of Christmas, right? Feeling warm and welcomed. If you have guests this Christmas, do not hesitate to try this style!How to achieve a Scandinavian Christmas

Standing Bear Figurine 

Flocked Xmas Tree Figurine with Wood Base 

Mercury Glass Tree Xmas Figurine (Silver, gold, blush peach) 

Ceramic House Figurine (Silver, gold) 

Set of 5 Xmas Mini Figures

Tree Topper Star with Clip 

Holiday Pressed Botanical Candle

Stag Ornament

Solid Cashmere Throw, Spa Green

Snow Globe Tree Decoration

Merry Xmas Glitter Table Sign 

Hand knit Nordic Xmas ornaments

Scandinavian Xmas Felt Hanging Decorations

Swedish Dala Horse Ornament

Xmas Tree Felt Baubles