My small Christmas findings in the thrift store 03

My small Christmas findings in the thrift store

Since I live in Denmark, I have not had as much excitement to decorate for Christmas as now with two little children that understand much better what is going on. And they love to see the lights, the elves, that chubby gentleman with mustache, the gingerbread houses, well we adults love all this. And let's not talk about the Christmas dinner and all the food that goes around these dates. We love that even more!

As I told you on Instagram, I brought the box of ornaments from the garage and I bought some nice things that I found in the thrift store, as well as other new things that I found in other stores. I'm excited to see the little faces of my little ones when everything is ready. As long as they don’t decide to pull down all the ornaments, especially from the tree 😀

These are the little decoration items I found that are only a part of the Scandinavian (or at least Danish) Christmas tradition:

Scandinavian Christmas elf (Nisse in Danish and Norwegian, tonttu in Finnish and tomte in Swedish)

The Scandinavian elf is a gnome - bearded older man or you can also find women (like the ones I bought) who wear farmer clothes and who like to do mischief but also help. They have their roots in Scandinavian folklore and are easy to differentiate because their clothes are red, unlike the Christmas elf that is in green and red.My small Christmas findings in the thrift store 01

Christmas calendar (Julekalender)

The Christmas calendars are known worldwide, although their origins go back to the German Lutherans of the 19th century. But, also, here in the Scandinavian countries, children and adults look forward to a show of Christmas. It is a Christmas show television that each year is different and is broadcast from December 1 to December 24. It has become a tradition that began in 1960 in Sweden!My small Christmas findings in the thrift store 02

Christmas heart (Dansk julehjerter)

It comes from an old Danish tradition that is now also made in paper or felt, woven, all handmade. From this tradition I will tell you a little more in a next post because I bought a package to make them together.

My small Christmas findings in the thrift store 03

What decorative elements are a tradition in your country?