Make an original gift this Christmas 06

Choose an original gift this Christmas (For the little ones in the house)

An unusual gift for the little ones, could be a Monopoly – rustic edition for the fans of board games. (Although I’m not a little girl, I’d love to have it, so it can be a gift for any age too)  Make an original gift this Christmas 05

And for lovers of drawing and painting… I think it’s great to give them a book and coloring pencils. But I tell you there is something more unique and that will seem even more fun! A 3D doll to paint with colored markers. The best thing is that you can erase it and repaint as many times as you want 😀 You can also find it in the form of a knight or a rabbit. Make an original gift this Christmas 06

 Another gift that I would love to give to my little girl (if I had a daughter :D) is this wooden doll house of Melisa and Doug and Child Craft, it seems a very original gift for the simple fact that in my opinion it is like a blank canvas. She could unleash her imagination and decorate it as she wants. Paint it if she wants, make curtains, carpets … I think I’ll buy it for myself! As a child I was fascinated decorating my dollhouse as you may have noticed. Make an original gift this Christmas 07

For our little scientists, there are these experiments kits. There are some of them with more than 60 experiments to try, while there are others with specific experiments that look funny. There is one in which you can make your own soaps! I think that the gifts that impel them to develop their skills and talents are very valuable, especially because they enjoy doing it, have fun and discover themselves. I discovered that I liked interior design when I was old enough, but it helped me a lot because I liked to make my doll houses myself, then make the curtains and every decorative item that would go in my house with cold porcelain and jewelry. : D Whereas my sister loved stealing food from the kitchen to “prepare” her in her toy pots. ? She is currently finishing her career as a chef.Make an original gift this Christmas 08

Science magic – Waterproof wonders

Gummy Candy Lab

Let’s make gifts that help our little ones to discover who they are!

Don’t you think it’s a good idea? (although as children we want to be everything at once) 

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