Let your Christmas tree break schemes: Ornaments that you should not miss

Maybe you are already setting up your Christmas tree and want to innovate in its decoration. If you already got bored of the classic ornaments, this post is for you! In this post you will find ornaments of Scandinavian and Boho styles, and you will learn to combine them to give personality and style to your Christmas tree.

  1. Start with what you want to transmit

As I told you, I have brought you different types of ornaments of both Boho and Scandinavian style. The first thing we must do is define what feeling we want our tree to transmit, would you like to use only boho ornaments and give it a fresh and relaxed style? Or use natural elements, neutral colors with an accent of color characteristic of the Scandinavian style? Or even better! Why not combine a little of both? After all, we have already seen that these styles are worn super well.

  1. Select your color palette

This is something very important to define, before choosing the ornaments that you will use to decorate your tree. If you do not consider this aspect, you may end up compiling a lot of ornaments that do not combine with each other and will not have the result you expected.

  1. Combine styles

Among the ornaments of the Boho style, you can find the famous dream catchers, ornaments woven in macramé and some feathers too. While in the Scandinavian, you can find ceramic ornaments, neutral or earthy colors, elements in wood and ornaments woven in felt with Nordic motifs.

scandi tree


boho tree


You can take a little of both and give originality to your Christmas tree. I would put dream catchers and combine macrame ornaments with round wood slices and Nordic felt Christmas balls.

If you want to choose the transparent balls with feathers, I would combine them with white ceramic balls with gold and white felt ornaments with blue embroidery. These feathers are peacock and are beautiful, but we must be careful when choosing the color palette that we will use to combine it and obtain a successful result. My palette to use these feathers would be: blue, gold and white.

And you? What combination would you do?

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