How to decorate a kid friendly living room 02

How to decorate a kid friendly living room

Hello! Today I bring a very interesting topic and especially something difficult for some parents. When I have worked making designs for families, in the majority there were at least two children, many of them in ages between 2 and 6 years old. Their biggest problem was that they did not know which decorative elements could work for them. When having small children, they did not want to be telling them all the time not to touch one thing or another one. If you are one of those parents who are having an internal battle with the design of their living room and their little angels, this post will help you clarify your doubts and take several ideas.


The choice of colors is the main problem. Most parents are very hesitant when it comes to choosing the colors they would use on the walls, on the sofas and their cushions. They fear that the little hands of their children end up being part of the prints 😀 It is important that you achieve harmony in the space, and this is basically achieved with colors. I know you’re afraid of how dirty it can be if you choose light colors, but there are viable solutions you can use to have a harmonious space.

Use cushions with prints and have a cover that can be removed, so it will be easily washed. For the sofa you can use a cover that is easy to pull out and put on, that is not an excessively dark color, rather the opposite, that is the idea of ​​it being a cover.

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You can use a lighter color on the walls than on the sofa. If your little ones are the ones who love to paint the walls you can put a wall with chalk paint in their own bedroom and they can draw here what they want. They know that this is their space and not the other walls of the house.

Furniture and security

This is another of the parents’ fears, the choice of coffee tables, accent tables, cabinets, etc. Maybe you think you’re forced to choose a round coffee table because of the corners, but sometimes that’s not the best for your decoration. So, if you want to opt for a square or rectangular table, you must choose one that has the round edges or a padded table, thus avoiding any accidents. This must be considered for any furniture with corners.

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An ottoman or pouf are great for children to have a choice of where to sit, in addition to the sofa.

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One thing you should avoid is to put dressers under the windows. If you have a small and potential future climber you must have understood what I mean 😀 To avoid climbing up to the window, do not put any sideboard with cubicles or handles that may cause them to climb.

Speaking of dressers and all large furniture that are placed next to the wall, remember that they are attached to the wall. Preferably do the same with the television.


Even though small children can have their ow bedroom and/or playroom, they always want to be in the living room with some or several of their toys. For this situation, I recommend you have baskets or storage boxes with a lid to store them. You can also use the dresser or TV cabinet to place the boxes of toys inside. So, when they finish using them, you can save them together to play the next day.

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On materials, I do not recommend using aluminum on tables, chairs or any accessory that has corners that can cut. It is important to remember that children are very curious and anything that catches their attention can mean a danger to them.

Finally, remember to use beautiful pictures, accessories and pots to complement your decoration, do not forget to leave the fragile accessories out of reach of your little ones and secure the pictures to the wall. This way you will avoid any accident!

How to decorate a kid friendly living room 01

Sofa cover in color gray


Coffee table

Basket with lid

Pouf in color gray

Pouf in colors orange and gray

Cushion in orange color

Cushion with lines in colors orange and turquoise

Cushion with lines in color orange

Rectangular cushion

Crochet flowerpot in color orange

Wooden box

Golden frames

African orange basket (top)

African orange basket (below)

African gray and orange basket

How to decorate a kid friendly living room 02

Brown leather sofa


Coffee table


Brown leather pouf

Cushion in colors pink and turquoise

Cushion with geometric lines in colors black and white

Rectangular cushion in colors turquoise and fuchsia

Cushion on color turquoise

Cushion in floral design

Circular wooden tray

White ceramic vase with face

Ceramic hen in turquoise

Golden frames

Macramé wall hanging in colors black and white

Ceramic bottle

I hope these tips can be useful and you can try them. Each child is a different world, but these tips can be used as a base to include your children in your decoration. Do not leave them out! 😀

How to decorate a kid friendly living room


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