Wooden beads chandeliers and ceiling lamps 01

Wooden beads chandeliers and ceiling lamps: Material, texture and color

Wooden beads are essential in the accessory box of every crafts lover. Most of the time they are used in jewelry or costume jewelry, as well as decorative accessories and toys.But you will not deny me that these ceiling lamps and chandeliers look great for any house. In some cases, it is combined with jute, reinforcing its bohemian style with the use of natural materials. Although you can include them in the decorative style of your choice, be it by the color, the material from which it was made or the textures of these luminaries.

Depending on the color or finish of the material, it may look more classic or playful. Just look at the combination with bright colors, ideal for a nursery room or kids’ room.

While, with a structure in gold or chrome details, it gives a rather classic look. Being able to be placed over the dining table and thus reinforce the decorative style of your preference, or as here in the blog an eclectic global style.

If you are skillful in crafts, would you try to make it yourself? 😀

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