A living room inspired by Frida Kahlo

A living room inspired by Frida Kahlo

Hello! I want to tell you that today I am very excited about this post, since it is a decoration inspired by a Mexican artist that surely you already know, or you should have heard of her. With a deep look and bushy eyebrows, she transmitted a lot of freedom and color through her paintings. As well as part of her soul is known by her writings. I’m talking about Frida Kahlo.I was inspired by her place of birth, Mexico and the colors she used in her paintings, to create a small living room inspired by her. Taking as a central object and focal point a pink sofa … highlighting femininity in the space.

A living room inspired by Frida Kahlo
So now you know, if you’re an admirer of Frida, you can use a color palette like this or create yours by looking at her paintings and creations.

Pink sofa

Rattan chair


Artificial cactus in basket

Yellow pillow

White pillow

Pink pillow

Green pillow

Yellow flowers art print

Pink flower Frida Kahlo art print


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