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A Danish boho style home you will love

What is the first thing you think when you hear the word BOHO or BOHEMIAN style? Probably in many colors, textures, and a variety of accessories. And that is true, those are characteristics from a bohemian style. But can you imagine a bohemian style based on black and white colors? Danish Boho!

Usually, most of us relate the bohemian style to the mixture of many colors at once and although it is not a misconception, it is not a determining rule. And Kirsten, from the Instagram account @skovbon, shows us how to create a Danish bohemian style in the spaces of her home.

dining room boho style home 01 sofa table boho style home 02

As you see the photographs you will notice that this style has been captured on a beautiful blank canvas which is the walls, floors, and curtains. In this fresh and lightweight canvas, Kirsten shows us a funny, free and varied style as you look at the details as accessories in natural wood, different textures in the fabrics, some lighter, others with a thicker look. She is inspired by small boutique resorts around the world, but especially from Maldives, Thailand, and Bali.

Do you know what I like the most about this Danish boho style? The color accents created by the black and white patterns. They are contrasting patterns in shape with each other. Some are black and with lines, others with floral or mandala shapes and zigzag. These details give a unique, natural, fresh and fun look.

Denmark boho style home 03 boho style home 04 boho style home 05 boho style home 06

If you are not attracted to vibrant colors, on the contrary, you are a lover of neutrals, now you know that achieving a bohemian and fun look using your favorite neutral colors, it is not impossible! It should be noted that the Danish style and its special touch are what make it possible.

Try it and don’t forget to add plants to your spaces ❤

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