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Discover if you are a lover of global style

If you are a lover of traveling around the world and meeting new cultures and traditions, then global decoration style is perfect for you.

Indeed you are the one who brings small or large pieces of craftsmanship from each country you visit. Or now, thanks to the Internet, you can buy handmade pieces from countries you would like to see someday. Our house is an example of this since here you can find Andean textiles from Peru to a one-meter Buddha. In addition to sculptures in bronze from India, African masks, and Peruvian ceramics, which is my country of birth.

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If we have to describe the global style, we can say that it is an eclectic style but, above all, very personal. Your home is decorated based on the objects that bring back memories of your trips and journeys through different corners of your country and the world. And from those places, you dream of traveling. Let’s see what stands out most a house of global style or a well-traveled home.

You choose to travel or to know countries of millenarian cultures and you are interested to learn about their history, customs, and traditions.

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You become a curator by choosing statues, craftsmanship, art, and textiles. And your guests will be surprised by your collections.

You have a piece or similar pieces that stand out from the rest by size, color, or design, and it is easy to identify them when entering your home.

The natural materials of these countries’ decorative pieces or furniture can be wood, clay, feathers, seeds, etc.

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Textiles get particular interest in their traditional weaving method and the patterns that, in many cases, are symbols of each culture.

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As for the colors, it depends a lot on your tastes since that makes you lean between an Indian-inspired decoration with its saturated and sophisticated style, in Africa with a more neutral color palette where patterns and natural materials are essential, among other countries or regions.

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I hope you have been fascinated by this trip worldwide through decoration. Do you dare to bring it to your own home?

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