Becoming an Airbnb legend is as simple as that 01

Becoming an Airbnb legend is as simple as that

We live in a time where side hustles are a popular decision for households to generate an extra source of income. While it may not be enough to replace your day-to-day job, it can help to make ends meet, save for your next holiday (as we did this summer), or simply offer your family a little financial comfort. Unfortunately, if you’re the kind of person who works long hours at the office already, squeezing a side hustle in your busy schedule can be complicated. You’ll struggle to run another business during your spare time.

But what you can do, however, is to use your home to create your additional source of income. Hosting guests can be a profitable and manageable side hustle. Landlords are the first to admit that letting a property can be a highly profitable venture. For many households, a real estate venture is not an option as families can’t afford to pay for a second property. However, you don’t need a second house to become a landlord. You can welcome guests in your own home and still make money through the process. Airbnb allows ordinary households to promote their space for holidaymakers and business commuters, for either short or long-term rentals. Making a profit using the Airbnb platform is a lot easier than it appears if you know what you’re doing. You would be pleased to know that become a superhost on the platform is accessible to the smallest households. In fact, size is not a factor of success for Airbnb. But your attention to details can make all the difference.

A room or a flat?

The first and most important question you want to ask yourself is whether you are ready to welcome guests under your roof or whether you prefer a more subtle separation. You can, for instance, offer a bedroom in your home. While it’s an easy practice, you have to make sure that your family is happy with the prospect of sharing their living space with a stranger. In fact, your spare bedroom can only bring a regular source of income if you’re ready to share your bathroom, your kitchen, and living room as well. There is no right or wrong answer at this point. It’s a matter of personality, not only yours but also your guests. Not everybody feels comfortable spending a lot of time with strangers. It might affect the profitability of your Airbnb venture.

Alternatively, if you have an area that you don’t use at home, such as your basement or the garage, you might want to consider turning it into a self-contained living area. In fact, granny flats are typically designed for a couple of persons to live on the grounds of a family home. Pay close attention to the zoning laws in your area as some ban using these tiny houses as a rental unit.

You can also rent your home while you are spending your holidays but remember to keep someone in charge for the cleaning and help the guests.

Creating a decor that works

You can’t afford to neglect your interior style. Guests browse Airbnb to find the perfect accommodation for their trip. Price, of course, plays a significant role in their choice. However, price is not the only factor that matters. People are going to look at your pictures to get a first impression of the place. Your decor can be a decisive element. In fact, your interior creates a scheme and atmosphere that your guests will find appealing. Simple touches such as using accent lighting can create not only a subtle illumination but also set a welcoming tone. A handful of accessories adds a personal vibe to the place; so, it’s important to consider small additions such as an elegant vase and a few trinkets to bring together your interior.

What amenities do you need?

People who choose an Airbnb flat still expect a certain level of comfort. You need to be able to offer the amenities and facilities they need. First of all, run the typical stay of a guest in your mind/ Their day starts with breakfast. Do you have a decent coffee machine for them to use? On a side note, remember that not everybody drinks coffee. A kettle can do the trick for tea drinkers – and you can even find kettles that boil water to a variety of temperatures, suitable for green, white, and black teas. If you are offering long-term stays, it’s a good idea to provide access to a washing machine (you can share yours). A TV is typically expected in urban accommodations, along with an internet connection.

Your guests don’t really want to meet you

It’s hard to believe, but what makes you an exceptional host is not the way you meet and greet your guests when they arrive. In fact, most guests would prefer not to deal with you. People often have a long travel day before reaching their Airbnb rental. The last thing they want is to smile at their host. They just want to relax in peace, and that’s precisely why self-checking safes are a favorite. You can place the key to the accommodation in a lockbox by the door. You only need to share the code with your guests through the Airbnb messaging platform. Additionally, self-checking options allow late arrivals. No guest wants to be forced to spend their first night in a hotel because their flight was delayed. With self-checking, guests can let themselves in at any time.

Write a compelling description

Your description can encourage guests to book the accommodation. However, writing a good rental description when you’re not a trained realtor can be challenging. The key is to describe every room; spend extra time explaining sleep arrangements (such as a double bed or bunk beds). Next, you should include in your description the type of persons you wish to attract, from low-budget travelers to couples on a romantic getaway.

Don’t forget the welcome basket

Lastly, a thoughtful welcome basket can make your guests feel welcome. You can pack a few biscuits and tea bags for a snack. You can add a few specialties for long-term stays, as well.

Becoming an Airbnb legend is as simple as that 02

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Accommodations in a popular location can be appealing to both tourists and business travelers. As an Airbnb host, your role is to create a space where your guests can feel at home from the moment they walk in.

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