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In most of the decorations of global or bohemian style, a gallery wall is usually highlighted. This wall can be decorated with paintings of different formats and designs, mirrors, ceramics, or as the title of this post, wicker baskets.

There is a variety of handmade wicker baskets. But today, I want to show you these baskets woven by the Ba Tonga people in the remote Binga district of Zimbabwe.

The tradition

Binga baskets, as they are often called, are woven by women from the Ba Tonga population using traditional weaving techniques. And using natural and locally accessible materials such as wild grasses and palm leaves. These materials are also dyed using tree bark, which then allows the creation of unique designs that make them so original and remarkable.

While today we use these baskets to decorate our houses, we must not forget the origin and tradition behind this popular art.

Binga basket sets

You can buy each of these Binga baskets individually or as a set. It saves you the time of choosing those with similar or complementary patterns, in addition to selecting baskets with different dimensions, but that allows you to create a gallery on that empty wall you have.

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