Boho decor from Peru to your home

lovely alpaca 01

This post is very special since it is dedicated to the shop that my mom has reopened on the Etsy platform (La casa de Freja). As I told you before, in September I traveled to Peru for a few days and together with my mother we traveled to Cusco to visit artisan communities. So along with them and appreciating how they work, we chose some handmade pieces to include to her Etsy shop: La casa de Freja.

Each of these handicrafts have a special meaning depending on the material used, the manufacturing process and the design it carries. Alpaca wool, sheep wool and handcrafted wall mirrors, is what you will find in the shop. Perfect traditional pieces handmade by Peruvian artisans to decorate every corner of your home.

Etsy – La casa de Freja



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