Latest trends in wallpaper in 2019 risky combinations 02

Latest trends in wallpaper in 2019: risky combinations


Wallpaper has always been a decorative element used with great caution. And it has been used primarily with small floral or geometric patterns. In recent years, larger patterns, such as close-ups of smaller ones, have been increasingly used. But, even so, they have been treated with great care when choosing them. I think the reason is the fear of not getting a good result.

Today, more and more designers are daring to show how beautiful these mural papers can look. Intense colors, large patterns, and other decorative elements rich in textures. Even in contrasting forms with tapestry patterns.

At Casacor Peru 2019, several designers have used wallpaper in their designs, and the result has been fantastic!

One of the spaces that best dress the mural paper belongs to Brenda Middlebrook Martorell and Andrea Ulloa from BAUM Studio. They dressed the gondola roof with blue wallpaper and light leaf patterns. Giving it thus, a very natural and fresh appearance in combination with the hanging ceiling lamps. Have you noticed how the detail of the paper on the ceiling matches perfectly with the furniture tapestry? Perhaps seeing these elements separately could be seen as a very risky combination. But the result is stunning: a warm, cozy, and cool space <3

I hope this post inspires you to decorate your spaces trendier and dare to choose more risky combinations, the result is wonderful.

Here are some similar wallpaper options on Etsy to use in your house:

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