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“Artesanías del Perú: Historía, tradición e innovación” a complete investigation of Popular Art


I had the privilege of attending the launch of the book “Handicrafts of Peru: History, tradition and innovation,” written by art specialist Sirley Ríos Acuña. Through an investigation of more than 20 years, she exposed us to the importance of craftsmanship and diversity that we can find both in the materials used for the creation of each of the handicrafts, as well as new and improved designs.

The guests who were present at the ceremony, as archaeologists and artisans, also expressed our handicrafts’ value and meaning.

I will mention only some of the handicrafts that are made and managed to evolve for a better visual impact for consumers:

Apparel, embroidery work, fabric with vegetal fiber, ceramics, painting, silverware, tinsmith, musical instruments, and the different gastronomic variety of our country.

Visual admiration:

I believe that we have craftsmanship that we must learn to value and show to the world since it is a source of much information about our country, history, and culture.

I could see perfectly executed works, the incredible range of colors we have, and the lines and shapes of each handwork. And how each piece has a story to tell because there is a meaning in each of them.

Peru handicraft book

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We, as Peruvians, are learning to appreciate our art, but we need to know it much more and make it known to the whole world and, in that way, achieve differentiation. We should admire what we have and understand it deeply outside our country. Some people have already seen it and know the value of Peru. We must be proud of what our artisans gave us and continue sharing.

The book is free to download through the following direct link: