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Essential furniture and lighting for your home office

The arrival of Covid-19 has changed the way of life and work in many countries. From the hygiene that we must maintain, the social distance, as well as in our home with a good design of the house entrance and home office. If this is your case and you are working from home, here are some ideas on how to carefully choose the furniture and lighting to perform most optimally and comfortably.

We have to prepare your home office adequately, so a good organization and choice of furniture and accessories will be the right tools to make you feel comfortable, calm, and focused on your workspace.

How to locate the desk in your home office?

Avoid sitting at your desk and your back facing the door of the room you use to work from home. It is a recommendation of Feng shui, since when facing the door, you are in a position of command, attracting the energy of success and receiving business. Or do the chiefs and senior managers’ backs face the door? If it is impossible to place the desk this way, I recommend you place a mirror in front of you to have a vision of what is happening behind your back.


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It is recommended that your work area (desk) is located near a window for the amount of light you will get, and if the outside view is pleasant, then it would be great. It will be a harmonious area with lots of natural light, and you will be able to concentrate and be inspired by your work.

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The ideal is an ergonomic chair

I will show you two examples of chairs you can use in your work area to feel more comfortable working for several hours. These chairs allow you to give a harmonious style to your work area.

Scandinavian style chair: The seat should be a full color of soft shades or with lines or patterns. These chairs will look great in your home. You can also add a cushion to make you feel more comfortable when you work. This option is recommended if your workspace is located in the living room or other social area where it has to adapt to the decoration of this space.

Ergonomic chairs: we can see that the ergonomic chairs have a different finish, that the backrest adapts very much to the shape of your back, and was specially designed for the long time you spend sitting on it. We can also see different and beautiful designs with backrests that vary in height, some are under the shoulders, and others allow you to support the head. According to your need, you will choose the one that best suits what you are looking for.

Home office desk lamp

We will find lots of desk lamp designs, so the important thing is that it helps you with your performance. I recommend that the lamp you choose does not take up much space in your work area. It could be a table lamp or fixed with a clamp (it will hold on the tabletop), and the lamp arm is adjustable (flexible or articulated) to direct the light better.

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Office organizer and garbage can

The organizer you will place in your work area is essential, so when choosing it, look for the one that does not interrupt you when you are working. If you are right-handed, all objects, including the garbage can, will be placed on your right side or in front of you. If you are left-handed, you will place the things on the left side.

By having the organizers correctly positioned, we will put in them our working tools (pens, pencils, highlighters, post-its, stapler, etc.) and thus start working comfortably.

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Bookcase, shelves, and whiteboard

Installing a shelf or putting a bookcase next to your desk will help you place your office organizer and tools on them so they can be visible when you need them.

There are also different models of blackboards and calendars, some are for hanging, and others are magnetized. The important thing is that it does not take up space and is functional (you can leave a post-it on it) so you can have room for a good cup of coffee or tea at your desk and continue enjoying your home office.