Danish inspiration for an Easter decoration

Danish inspiration for an Easter decoration

Two more months and I have been living in Denmark for 10 years. During this time I have introduced  typical Danish traditions for each special celebration at home and Easter decoration is one of them. I’m not going to lie to you that since I came to live here I introduced these traditions to my new life because it was not like that. Rather, it has been since I have children that made it fun to celebrate these holidays in a Danish way.

Danish inspiration for an Easter decoration

Source: Rema Norge

Easter is usually one of the most awaiting spring breaks. Where many Danes decide to stay at home, attend the various family and friends celebrations to enjoy good company, “hygge” and the typical påskefrokost. That day as part of the traditional food you cannot miss the open sandwiches (smørrebrød) and the påskeøl or Easter beer. And for the little ones of the house, the giant chocolate eggs, which in the case of my little ones, they get from their grandparents.

Danes use yellow, green, and white ornaments and motifs for Easter decoration because they represent fertility, rebirth of plants and animals after a long winter.


The basis of the decoration can be a table, vases full of colored eggs, yellow clothes, napkins, mirrors with yellow touches, decorative utensils, scented candles, and flowers. So, today I bring you crafts and decorations that you can use in your decoration.

  1. Ayacucho tapestry
  2. Easter bunnies
  3. Easter egg candle
  4. Easter chicken
  5. Easter centerpiece