Ayacucho tapestries

All about Ayacucho Tapestries

This week I bring you a very special post about the wonderful tapestries of Ayacucho, come and join me in this story.

Ayacucho is one of the cities known as the land of churches, land of artisans, land of the brave, and land of traditions. It was declared by UNESCO as “Capital of Popular Art and Crafts of Peru” for its precious handicrafts. It is located in the mountains (central – southern Peru).  It has wonderful landscapes and incredible colonial architecture.

Department of Ayacucho


Ayacucho, not only stands out for its churches or traditions but for its precious craftsmanship: ceramics, embroidery, altarpiece, cushions and of course its tapestries.

Ayacucho Tapestries


The tapestries are created on a wooden loom with two pedals, foot and hand.  “Llitos” (threads of small skeins of wool) of different colors are used for its realization.  The colors they use are 100% natural extracted from various plants and minerals.  The design embodied in each of the tapestries comes from Mother Nature, the cultures of Peru and the strength of the Andean woman.  A tapestry represents the cultural heritage and ancestral legacy.

Ayacucho tapestries