Affordable ways to upgrade your kitchen

The time has come for you to upgrade your kitchen! You must be stressed out. Upgrading a kitchen can take a big toll on one’s budget. And, not only that – upgrading a kitchen, besides taking a lot of money, takes also a lot of time, energy, and nerves.

But, what if we told you that there are affordable ways to upgrade your kitchen? Yes, you heard us. Upgrading this important space in our homes does not have to cost an arm and a leg. And, we are here to show you how. Thus, if you are looking for some money-saving tips and tricks for transforming your kitchen into something beautiful and practical, keep on reading.


Repaint the Walls 

If you decided that you are ready to tackle a home upgrade, let us begin with the simplest and cheapest one – repainting the walls. This relatively small upgrade can completely transform the look of your kitchen. Thus, don’t shy away from it. 

From our experiences, the color that works best for all kitchens is beige – this color compliments all types and colors of kitchens, thus, you can’t go wrong with it. But, if you want something bolder, something that will entirely change the look of your kitchen, choose a bold color. Colors that are currently ‘in’ are dark blue, yellow, and all those soft pastels. 

And, Repaint the Cabinets 

Renovating a kitchen usually implies replacing old cabinets with new ones. But, that can be crazy expensive. So, instead of buying new cabinets, just repaint the ones you already have. This is definitely one of the most affordable ways to upgrade your kitchen! 

But, be careful – don’t use the wall paint we mentioned above. Sorry, but you can’t kill two birds with one stone when doing this project. For your cabinets, you will probably need wood paint. But, just to be sure, ask the people in your local hardware what paint would work best for your type of cabinets. 

Moreover, if you want to give your cabinets a full makeover, consider sanding them. This will give them a new texture and make repainting easier. However, when sanding, move your small children and pets away. The fine dust that comes from sanding will not be good for their lungs. Thus, have them leave your home temporarily until all the sanding is done. 

Give Your Appliances a Thorough Clean 

Sometimes, to make your kitchen warm and inviting, all you have to do is give your appliances a thorough clean. The appliances in our kitchens get a lot of ‘wear and tear’. Thus, they become scratched, dirty, greasy, moldy, and who knows what else. This is all normal – but, what is not normal is to leave them like that. That is not good for their condition or the look of your kitchen. 

So, if you want one of the most affordable ways to upgrade your kitchen – this is it! Just clean your appliances. Of course, use some specialized cleaners for that. Regular cleaners won’t do the trick. 

Bonus tip: If you have a fridge made of steel or iron, after cleaning it, use baby oil to give it a shine. 

Change the Backsplash 

Okay, changing the backsplash in your kitchen may not be the most affordable upgrade, but, if you have some money to spare, it should be on this. 

Now, what kind of backsplash you will install, depends on the money that you have to spare. If you have no money, go for peel wallpaper. You can order these from Amazon cheaply. Then, if you have a small amount of money to spare, consider getting some tiles or plywood. And, if you have a lot of money, go for those laminates, marbles, ceramic, or glass tiles.  

Keep in mind that installing a backsplash might require you to disassemble your kitchen. This means emptying your cabinets and setting everything aside for a little while. Yes, this can be a humdrum thing to do, but hey, that’s the price you have to pay for installing a new backsplash. If you don’t know where and how to start with disassembling your cabinets and packing everything from your kitchen into boxes (for the time being), call and ask them for a piece of advice. These lads have seen their fair share of kitchen movings

Replace the Light Fixtures 

Chandeliers, lamps, pendants, scones, etc. Lighting fixtures are those things that make our homes complete. But, when they are outdated (or not working at all), that can make our home less functional and less visually appealing. The same applies to kitchens. 

So, if your budget allows it, consider replacing the light fixtures in your kitchen area. Get yourself a nice chandelier – one that will ‘stand’ in the middle of the kitchen. And, for an extra touch of light, install some LED lights under your kitchen cabinets. 

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on upgrading your kitchen with light fixtures, instead of new ones, buy second-hand ones. If you have a flea market, or a furniture second-hand shop, look for lighting fixtures there. 

And, Replace the Hardware 

Some of the last but certainly not the least affordable ways to upgrade your kitchen is replacing all the hardware there. This may sound annoying and maybe even unnecessary, but, trust us, it will make a huge difference. New hardware will refresh any space, thus give it a try. 

Start with replacing all the pulls – cup pulls, edge pulls, drop pulls, etc. Then, move on to knobs and handles. And, if you have some more money (and patience) left, change the plugs too. 

As you have seen, there are many affordable ways to upgrade your kitchen. We mentioned just a couple of them, but, the truth is, there are many more. Thus, keep researching and try to do as many kitchen decorating tricks on a budget as possible.