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How to choose the best vanity lighting for your bathroom 03c

How to choose the best vanity lighting for your bathroom

Like all rooms at home, many activities are carried out in each of them. And this is very important to consider when we see the lighting design. The bathroom has different areas, such as the vanity area, the shower and/or bathtub, and the toilet. Maybe if it’s a more extensive bathroom, you have a full-length mirror, a towel closet, or even a…

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Our master bathroom 2

Our master bathroom

As you have seen in my posts on Instagram, I almost always show our social area, that is, dining room, kitchen and living room. Today I can finally show you our master bathroom. It still has details that need to be included. For example, before the little fire in the house we had two large paintings on the wall of…

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transform your bathroom with boho tiles 10

Transform your bathroom with boho tiles

Boho tiles never go out of style, especially if you like the bohemian style. In this way, you can decorate by combining different patterns and using a mixture of warm and cool tones simultaneously. It is easy to choose tiles when you are building your house or are in the process of renovation. But if you want a quick fast…

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