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Transform your bathroom with boho tiles

Boho tiles never go out of style, especially if you like the bohemian style. In this way, you can decorate by combining different patterns and using a mixture of warm and cool tones simultaneously. It is easy to choose tiles when you are building your house or are in the process of renovation. But if you want a quick fast change and DIY, you can choose the adhesive tiles that come in thousands of designs and colors, like this brand I found on Etsy. Boho tiles visually call our attention due to their color composition. They can even combine warm and cold tones. And by its geometric shapes, the different patterns or designs that make them so magical. Here are some examples of decorating with these beautiful and elegant designs that will make your bathroom stand out better.

For small or guest bathrooms: 

You could choose to place your boho tiles on a wall or the entire floor so that they will give personality to the room. You don´t need to fill the whole bathroom area with tiles. If it is a small room, the tiles will provide more harmony and light, and it does not stop looking elegant.


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For medium and large bathrooms: 

First, choose an accent color hue; from here, you can choose two types of tiles: one with patterns and one with plain color.

You can decorate the floor and one or more walls of a type.

And leave another wall or specific architectural details (niches, columns, etc.) to decorate with the other type of tile you choose.


In the next post, I bring you ideas to decorate the kitchen with boho tiles.

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