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peruvian orchids

12 types of Peruvian orchids you will love

There are around 30,000 species of orchids in the world. That is a lot! I do not know the names of the existing types; I only know that I love them ♥ I think you can tell if you look at my Instagram account. With its colors and delicate shape, it is a beautiful flower. In Peru, more than 3,000 types…

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Inspiration on Instagram: Design Junkie

​Julieta Tello is an Argentinian that lives in London and is behind the Instagram account Design Junkie. She does an impeccable curatorial work, while she travels around the world contacting artisans and their creations to take them to a more global audience, through their web and Instagram account. And as she says, the most important thing about each product is…

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​ Here come new colorful interiors for inspiration

​ Pastel colors on walls, floors, furniture, and colorful decorative details are what we can find at Charlotte Gueniau’s house, the creative director of the decorative firm Rice. The colorful decoration of this house located in Odense is far from the Scandinavian style we know. Rather explores the eclectic style of the owner of the house and ends up being…

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When a complete house is decorated by children

For those of us who have children, we know that they have an unlimited imagination. Imagine giving children the option of entering a house to decorate each room, do you have an idea how they can transform it?   This idea came from the real state company Svenska Mäklarhuset along with Beckers Paintings, who brought together a group of children…

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