Our story

La casa de Freja is a Latin-Scandi home décor brand designed and handcrafted in collaboration with Peruvian artisans.

Fiorella started La casa de Freja as a blog about Scandinavian design while doing her master’s degree at Aarhus school of architecture in Denmark. Here she learned a lot about Scandinavian design (primarily Danish), the use of natural materials, and the tradition of craftsmanship.

It motivated her to return to Peru and take an artisan and textile route in Huancayo. With this experience, she reconnected with her tradition, crafts, and ancestral techniques in one of the many artisanal routes that exist in Peru. The idea of ​​creating a home décor brand, that reassessed her tradition along with contemporary design, came to her mind.

Pregnancies and maternity leave made Fiorella postpone that dream a little bit. She changed the theme of the blog and started writing about Peru, artisans, textiles, and crafts as sources of inspiration.


In 2022 and finishing her third maternity leave, Fiorella decided to take the giant leap from the blog to create, in collaboration with Peruvian artisans, a home décor brand in the perfect combination of Scandinavian style and Peruvian tradition.


La casa de Freja means in Spanish, Frejas house.

Freja (Freya, Freyja) is one of the most important goddesses in 

Norse mythology and represents love, beauty, and fertility. 

La casa de Freja is our home.

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